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Civic Committee

Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI Civic Committee

Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI Civic Committee was established by the Foundation of the Shizuoka City Culture Promotion Foundation in accordance with the foundation's outline. In order to develop the management from a long-term and comprehensive perspective, it is organised of academic experts and open call for participants, and has received opinions on the business and operation of Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI.

Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI Civic Committee Member

  • Yoshinari Ikeda (School Teacher, Shizuoka City Osada Nishi Junior High School)
  • Naoki Ishikawa (Public offering member)
  • Yasuhide Ito (Composer, Visiting Professor, Tokoha University Junior College)
  • Yukari Goto (Pianist, Lecturer, Shizuoka University Faculty of Education)
  • Yoko Tsukamoto (Clarinetist, member of Shizuoka Symphony Orchestra)
  • Hiroshi Nanjyo (Representative of TERRA, The Mixed Chorus of Shizuoka, predecessor chief priest of Jodo Shinshu Kyokakuji Temple)
  • Masahiko Hirano (Shizuoka University Faculty of Education Specially Appointed
  • Professor, Director of Fujinokuni Cultural Information Center)

(Order of the Japanese syllabary)



054-251-2200(受付時間:9:00〜21:30 / 休館日除く)