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Artistic Director

Concert Hall Shizuoka Artistic Director, Ichiro Nodaira (Composer / Pianist)

“Artistic Director” is a person who decides the policy of concert performers, performance program selection, educational dissemination activities, human resource development support projects and so on for AOI.
It also has the role of transmitting them as the face of the facility.
Since 2005, Ichiro Nodaira has been the artistic director of the Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI and has been sending concerts with high artistic quality.

Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI Artistic Director
Ichiro NODAIRA(Comp.,Pf.)

Born in 1953. After completing his master's degree at Tokyo University of the Arts, he studied at Conservatoire de Paris as a French government-sponsored student in 1978.

After graduation, he studied electroacoustic and computer music at various workshops, Ensemble Itinéraire and IRCAM.

As a pianist, he has been involving in numerous premieres as a soloist in major domestic and overseas orchestras, while also performing with master players as an accompaniment and chamber musician.

As a composer, there are number of commissioned works, including four commissioned works by the French Agency for Cultural Affairs, which are played and broadcast by famous ensembles and soloists, and the main works are published by Henri Lemoine (Paris).

It has received a great deal of evaluation from various fields for its diverse activities.

He received Takei Award (1990), the 13th Kenzo Nakajima Music Award (1995), the 44th Otaka Award, the46th new face award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, the 11th Kyoto Music Award Practice Section Award (1996), the 35th Suntory Music Award (2004) and the 55th the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2005).

In 2012, he received Shiju-hosho (the Medal with Purple Ribbon). From 1990 to 2002, Associate Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Since 2005, he has been an Artistic Director of Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI. Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2010.

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