About AOI


There is a touch that can only be met here

Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI was opened in May 1995 as a place to carry Shizuoka's future music culture.
It is located in the Shizuoka Chuo Post Office building in front of JR Shizuoka Station, about 1 hour from Tokyo and Nagoya by Shinkansen Hikari. The 7th floor has an office, auditorium, and rehearsal room, and the 8th and 9th floors have a shoebox type hall with 618 seats.
AOI's hall boasts the highest level of sound effects, and its splendor is recognized and loved by musicians worldwide.
Under the direction of the artistic director, AOI organizes various concerts and courses with the aim of creating and developing a new music culture from Shizuoka.
In addition, AOI has a Concert Hall Shizuoka Club (Tomo no Kai) and a volunteer club that assists in business operations, where you can enjoy the hosted concerts more closely and are packed with great deals.
We look forward to your participation.
Regarding the use of the facility, it is popular with many people because of its location in front ofthe station, where transportation is convenient, and cheap pricing.



  • Through a wide range of music, to provide a happy time and the joy of living to all citizens
  • Create a place of compassion and empathy among composers, performers and Viewers
  • Actively expand the citizens who enjoy the excitement of music and share the joy
  • Supporting new leaders in music culture, creating, inheriting and developing music culture

Artistic Director: Ichiro Nodaira

Artistic director's priority Policy

  1. Succession of music to the next generation by recruiting young musicians and developing andnurturing young audiences
  2. Sending art from Shizuoka through collaboration of Shizuoka's musical and artistic skills
  3. Invigorating today's music by passing on creative activities and sharing them internationally
  4. Expansion of extension business to be loved by more citizens
  5. Concert implementation of for a more effective Children
  6. Providing a broader range of quality music that goes beyond classical music



054-251-2200(受付時間:9:00〜21:30 / 休館日除く)