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野平一郎 plays J.S.バッハ:平均律クラヴィーア曲集

Ichiro Nodaira plays J.S. Bach: Equal Temperament Clavier

Volume 1 BWV 846-869 (WWCC-7562-63)-Volume 2 BWV 870-893 (WWCC-7564-65)

Nami Records (LIVE NOTES) July 2-6, 2007, July 9-12, October 9, recording session at Concert HallShizuoka AOI

2 discs each ¥ 4,714 (tax included)

This World Heritage Omagari, which is called the “Old Testament”, is completely reinterpreted as a modern echo that Nodaira Ichiro can only do in this period. A CD containing all 48 songs.

Ichiro Nodaira (piano, harpsichord, organ, keyboard)

Tomoko Nakai (Max / MSP programming)

松谷卓 ピアノ・リサイタル デビュー!

Suguru Matsutani piano recital debut!

FONTEC FPCD2600 June 1,1997 Live recording at Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI

¥ 2,618 (tax included)

Suguru Matsutani, who plays an active role in film music, stage, TV, and commercial music with an excellent melody sense, was a high school student playing a classical piano before his debut.

He passed the "Shizuoka-no-Meishutachi" audition at Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI, a gateway to young Shizuoka classical music performers. In 1997, he performed a piano recital at AOI.

This CD is a live recording of the recital. This is the origin of his current music.

Bartok, B .: Piano Sonata Sz.80

L.v.Beethoven: 32 Variations in C Minor WoO.80

SonatineNo.1 in C major, op.13-1
No.2 in G major op.13-2

A.I. Khachaturian: Toccata

Bartok, B. : RomanianFolk Dances Sz.56



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